A man, born and raised near the sea, has moved away to explore an introspective life in the mountains. He journeys home to the ocean each winter to relive the nostalgia of his roots, paddling out as the North Pacific awakens. This is a collection of clothing built for a pilgrimage from mountain to sea and the life exposed to these elements.

The Fall 2015 collection has been broken into 3 major groups. Group 1 is “Ocean.” Navy and deep blues dominate this delivery with beige and heather grey accents. These colors are inspired by the cold and stormy North Pacific Ocean. Group 2 is “Tundra.” Dark pine greens and vintage blacks prevail in this delivery with occasional pale blue and red highlights. Grassy, fog drenched tundra and frosted Conifer foothills influenced this theme. Lastly, Group 3 is “Mountain.” Strong khakis and saturated blacks mark the winter delivery with touches of forest green and yellow. Snow covered, rocky peaks enduring the harsh elements painted this color story.

In its conception, Lightning Bolt was a mark of innovation and forward thinking. Fall 2015 marks a turning point for the brand as it begins to focus on advancements in function, fabrication and technical materials, while staying true to its ethos. This new path is supplemented with over-built seams, welded zippers, waterproof materials, and ergonomic lines blended with postmodern type-set graphics, abstract geometric prints, and refined utilitarian silhouettes. Knit and woven tops move towards a slightly oversized outline, while pants and bottoms are pulled in with a tapered fit and long rise. Fall 2015 has been merchandised to be heavily layered with cascading hemlines, which can be worn from the icy Sierra Mountains to the foggy winter coastline. As layers are shed, the look remains interesting and relevant with brushed plaids, felted wool overshirts, color-blocked and jacquard knitwear, iconic graphics, and utilitarian details.