Sebastiano Concas is a true man of the sea.

This Sardinian captain fisherman, free diver and surfer, co-owner of the oceanic ketch 44” Maona, enjoys surfing, diving and spending his time with his friends and family.
His experience comes above all from and respect of the sea and he’s recognized as one of the best Italian surfers. He lives at his boat with his girlfriend, Natalia Resmini, a major Italian illustrator who works with many Italian and foreign companies… and it’s hard to meet such a lovely, warm and generous couple.
Respected as a surfer, but especially as a person, Sebastiano lives at the sea and from the sea… and he loves Lightning Bolt, especially the retro style pieces.

Name? Sebastiano Concas
Nickname? Jungle
Why? Because I grew up in the wild Sardinian nature, the only place where I feel very comfortable…
Birthdate? 28 / 03 / 1980
Address (city)? Imbarcazione Maona, Via degli Oleandri 10, località Porto 09049 Villasimius (CA)
Pets? No
Hobbies and other sports? Spearfishing, Sailing and Free Diving
Married, Engaged or Single? Engaged

Favorite Spots? South-East Sardegna and Chicama, Peru
Regular or Goofy? Goofy
Perfect Surfboard? Single-Fin
Favorite Surfer? Robin Kegel
Best surftrip? Mexico
Wave Types? From powerful sand bars to perfect reef breaks.
Best spot where you’ve been? Saladita, Mexico
Favorite Manouevre? Noseriding
Biggest wipe out? Balangan, Indo.
Physical Maintenance? Apnea, Yoga, and Running.
The surf and the Environment. Do you take part on any program or activity? Living on a sailing boat is teaching me every day to care about the environment.
Advice to whom is starting surf… My advice is to go to a good school to learn the basic rules, including the surfing etiquette.
Surf Objectives in the future? Next fall: Leave with my beautiful red sailing boat and surf along the Mediterranean coast.

Conservative or Liberal? Liberal
Soccer Team? I don’t follow soccer so much…
Favorite Meal? Raw fish and veggies.
Alcoholic Drinks? No
Movies: Dramas, Comedies or Fiction? Comedies.
Movie of your life: Moby Dick
Favorite Quote: Imperfections makes you free.
Favorite Bands or Songs? I really like Italian music. My fav artist is Francesco de Gregori
Bars and Discos, how often? Never.
Favorite Joke? Difficult… I joke all the time!
Who inspires you? The Mediterranean Sea.
Are you superstitious? No I’m not. I believe that bad luck is something that we attire with the wrong behaviour.
If you could have dinner with anyone famous, who would you choose? Maria João Nogueira

Can we just start off with a little bit about where you grew up?
I grew up in Villlasimius in the deep south-east of Sardegna, among junipers and granites.
The nature and the sea have been the biggest story of my life.

And when did you start surfing? Where and why?
I started when I was 12 years old in Villlasimius, I tried once….. and I never stopped!

How frequently do you surf?
At least 3/4 days every week.

Is it just a hobby or did you ever compete? What do love about surfing?
I generally never compete, besides a few surfing festivals where I got invited. The thing
I love the most about surfing is being in the water.

What is your greatest moment in the water as a surfer?
When I met my girlfriend Natalia Resmini.

Lightning Bolt roots run deeper in surfing. What is your first memory of Lightning Bolt?
I’ve seen Lighting Bolt for the first time in the magazines, when I was young. I was tripping by the unique style of Gerry Lopez and Tom Parrish, the colors of their boards, the atmosphere….
Lightning bolt is very iconic for me! I remember, in particular, some outstanding pictures of Jeff Divine from the seventies.

Do you look up to any shapers or surfers as the greatest heroes in the surfing world?
Right now, I really like Robin Kegel, I believe is a very talented surfer and shaper. I own a few Gato Heroi longboards, and when I ride them is a… pure jazz!

What about Hawaiian surf legends like Gerry Lopez or Rory Russell and others…
As I said before, I believe these guys made the history of surfing.
Also, I’ve studied the technique of some Californian legend, like Skip Frye and Greg Noll.
In more recent times, Joel Tudor did a lot for the art of longboarding.

How do you see the surf trend today in Italy and in the World?
Surfing is a big trend in the whole world. This is very positive, because surfers are caring more about the ocean, in general they become more aware and the quality of their life improves. The only problem with this surfing boom is a very crowded line-up ????

What are your ambitions today? What are you doing now?
Live a simple life. Smile every day and spend time with my family and friends. Right now I’m working with my sailing boat in Sardegna Island where I do charters during spring and summer.

What happens to a surfer when he grows up?
For me surfing is a big love… nothing has changed since the first day. I have more responsibilities right now in my life, but the enthusiasm of sliding stays the same.

Thank You, Sebas!

Thank you Silvia Cabella, Natalia Resmini and Filippo Maffei for these amazing photos.