I had a long association with Lightning Bolt during the 1970’s. I was sponsored by them until 1982.

I started riding Lightning Bolt surfboards in Hawaii in 1974 which was shaped by Reno Abellera and Tom Parrish. These were the boards I won my 1st pro events on in Hawaii. At that time in surfing all the best surfers in the world were riding LB boards… or wanted to.
Virtually every board on the North shore of Hawaii was a LB.
As a young man who had grown up watching surf movies with all the best riders using LB boards i was proud and excited to be a part of the LB family at that time.
Jack Shipley who ran the original LB store in Kapiolani Bvd created a ‘blue-print’ that companies still use today in terms of bringing the best shapers in the world to shape under one label/logo so that surfers had access to all the best shapers through their association with LB.

Mark Richards (Bolt Mag #006)