Moroccan Madness - Road Trip with Rory Russell

You'll need a camel to reach North Africa's eight-foot, rocket-propulsion waves for a taste of Maroccan Madness 

Early morning, the ferry chugged its way from Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar. When the cliffs of North Africa came into view they were sparkling like jewels in a blue mirror. Rory Russell arrived with a friend, tagalong and eight boards... ready for a Team Bolt seek-and-surf jaunt. In a few weeks, he would meet World Champion Margo Oberg, and both would be filmed by ABC up and down the coast of Morocco.

Near the resort of Agadir, Rory subjected his body to Anchor Point, where six feet is small and the waves usually go unsurfed. 

A side trip to the old marketplace of Marrakech was an education in the offbeat. Snake charmers, storytellers, prophets, beggars, magicians, veiled women and smugglers were the normal people here. (But they paled by comparison to the sight of Rory "the dog" in Moroccan garb.)

Further up the coast, Rory discovered the money wave, named for a spot that actually appears on Maroccan currency!

Soon, three cameraladen vans were following "the dog". It was a high-speed caravan that even the local thieves had a lot of trouble following.

Damage report this trip: an emotionally exhausted camel, a totaled car and a sizeable dent in the team bank account (is it true Rory took most of Casablanca to dinner?).

Equipment, activewear, beach towels and rent-a-camels - compliments of Bolt.