Lightning Bolt invited five of the most unique, inspirational and legendary Bolt shapers to shape a surfboard that they personally find emblematic of the era. It took three years and a lot of courtesies to have a Collector Series of Pipeliners consisting of the most memorable Bolt boards of all time. Our mission is to show these masterpieces to the World.
After showcasing these boards as a full set at premium locations, Lightning Bolt is now exhibiting the Pipeliners at different retail shops separately in different countries.

Today’s Retailer :: WATERSHED, NEWQUAY, UK

What does Lightning Bolt mean to you?

Lightning Bolt is the original true surf brand with true heritage and soul. The integrity of bolt and the story that surrounds it is what has enabled it to successfully span decades and remain popular and iconic to generations of surfers.

If Reno Abellira was in Newquay where would you take him?


Tells us about your project/shop/concept

Watershed are suppliers of the finest watercraft, clothing and accessories. Conceived from a passion for surfing and surf culture.

James Wright – Watershed owner.

We thank Gerry Lopez, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Tom Parrish, Rory Russell and Reno Abellira for this special collaboration. We’re humbled and grateful.

Stay tuned for more information about this event.