It was 3 o’clock in the morning when I heard their funky accents and a loud knocking on my door. Yes, the Aussies were back from their explorations in Central America. They were supposed to be here at midnight but there was a flight delay per usual whenever one tries to make plans that involve a 24-hour layover with your best mates.

We exchanged tales of our adventures apart. Mine involving dicey night moves amongst the watering holes of West Los and theirs being of epic barrels in bathtub temperature water. Safe to say I was the jealous one.

I met these two back in June in Eugene, Oregon. They were in the middle of a road trip they started in Whistler where they worked through the winter. Since I was graduating from college I joined them on the trip in Dorothy the 1977 Dodge RV. In the time spent together we became more like brothers than friends and even though they disturbed my much-needed sleep, I was stoked to see them.

So what do you do with your family on a now 12-hour layover? You shoot up to Leo Carillo and take advantage of some proper swell rolling through.

So without further rambling, meet Darcy Wilkosz and Joshua Spurling.

Shots & words by Jordan Brandt.