Tell us a bit about Ánima Surf…
Ánima surf is a small family brand, we left our homes and started travel and surfing around the North of Spain and Portugal and the Canary Islands almost 10 years ago. We sell feelings, we sell only classic surfboards but improved ones, single fins, longboards, Bonze 3/5 and Retro Fish. We do the design of the apparel, we print the t-shirts… Ánima is a customized bike’s lover, we love all the «custom-made world».

What is «La ola del té»? How did this project started?
La Ola del Té is a play on words with Hora and Ola, tea time or the tea’s wave or something.  It’s the creative place for making all the crazy things… We are working on the second part, coming soon… the sect wanna catch you ????

How did you come up with the idea for this first video? What’s the story behind this amazing idea? Why choosing Gerry Lopez?
We love Gerry’s history, for us Gerry is a reference, the king of kings. We started to read his book “Surf is where you find it” (recommended), and we love the single fin kind of surfing, we love the classic essence, the lines, the trim… I wrote the storyboard thinking about a faraway community that they only like surf using only single fin… they makes addicts change the 3 fin surfers for single fin sect ???? The lightning bolt that trims!

We gather you must have a great time producing these videos… tell us a bit about the process?
It’s a lot of fun, the film days were very amusing, the people dressed like the leader, the hairdresser making wigs and outlining moustaches… The process was: writing the story, thinking about the characterization and the scrip texts, finding the best guru and jajaja… all went perfect!

What does Lightning Bolt brand mean to you guys? Do you identify yourselves with the brand’s values and lifestyle?
Lightning Bolt is a reference, a surf culture, the history about the brand, the travels, discovering spots, the films, pipeline, and Gerry Lopez… yes, it is one of the surf culture reference brands. The Lightning Bolt Board right now is more than a board…

What motivates and influences your team?
Riding all day long, surfing, skateboarding,… also the motorbikes, old vans, everything with soul. The handmade, the culture it’s all. We love Doers ????

Are there other iconic legends or lifestyles that stand out?
Ufff… there are a lot of them… Buttons, J Adams, D Hynde, Alva, N Kaupas, John Peck… Caballero, Zephyr team…

If you met Gerry, what would you tell him?
What did he feel on those days surfing Uluwatu, Padang, Pipeline… and thanks for the legacy and the inspiration!

Future projects? Dreams? Aspirations?
Yes, we’ll have new models, new designs… Dreams? Make a second part of the sect with the real Gerry jajaja. And ask him if he has a board for sale jajaja 

Miguel  – Shop Co-owner