Portuguese Pipeline - Interview with Rory Russell for surfer Mag. 1983

At the end of the Iberian peninsula, only the crusty old village fishermen and the young local surfers understand the tubular turbulence that looks like a Portuguese Pipeline

Team Bolt's Rory Russell and photographer Art Brewer stumbled off their jet in Lisbon, unprepared for the Portuguese surprises that lay ahead for them.

They were greeted by a surfer-cum-journalist traveler from Florida... a bearer of bad tidings in the best of times. His news in Lisbon was enough to unravel a can of sardines: no, he did not find a hotel for them; no! there was not a rent-a-car and no-way was there surf in this part of Europe.

But seasoned-travelers Rory and Art ignored their doomsayer friend. Soon, they were getting wet in eight-foot, high-performance surf!

At their hotel, they meandered into the bar, where, incredibly, there hung a poster of Rory surfing. "That's me" announced Rory. "Sure" answered the barkeeper's wife, "and over here's my husband Prince Philip." 

On his next day in Portugal, Rory caught a tube at a spot near the village of Casais, wich he christened the "Portuguese Pipeline."

Lisbon police especially liked them, and as a memento they confiscated a roll of Art Brewer's film (wich showed Rory getting a traffic ticket).

Rory's driving along the narrow roads high on the cliffs was extra-cautious, and as a result, his traveling companions renewed their interest in religion.

The expedition gave the Portuguese a glimpse of Lightning Bolt surfboards, T-shirts, wetsuits, and of course, the poster star, Rory.