Malibu Mischief - Interview with Rory Russell for surfer Mag. 1983

A date with 11 girls along 23 miles of Northern L.A. County beaches can only lead to Malibu Mischief

Rory Russell's many demanding duties as captain of Team Bolt include the annual assignment of finding girls from different corners of the world to introduce Bolt's latest swimwear designs. This year the location was Malibu, and the models were students from nearby Santa Monica.


As Rory and the girls walked down Pacific Coast Highway to the old fishing pier, site of their first photo session, traffic screeched to a halt. Some drivers whistled, some yelled, others abandoned their cars for a closer look. Rory said "I didn't realize I was this popular in Malibu."

One of the girls who knew about Rory's "mischievous reputation" brought a 6'6'' chaperone with her. Another girl came with her Doberman, "Jaws". While the new Bolt swimwear met with great acceptance in Malibu, Rory didn't fare as well. His evening consisted of dinner with the photographer and few beers at Alice's. 

The one- and two-piece swimwear shown here is from Bolt's new summer adventures collection.