“We love the ocean. We love the mountains. We love being outdoors. But we make clothes that relate to all cities in the world without compromising our authenticity. You can wear them across all elements, with a curated look & feel and yet with a kind of eccentricity and relaxed coastal lifestyle.

Nature rests on ever going enigmatic rebirth and renewal cycles, where the end is always a reinvented beginning. Fall Winter 16 collection fuses the brand’s ethos and 70’s aesthetics with a contemporary street wear attitude, staying true to its surfing roots together with a progressive sports-contemporary fashion approach, through a constantly re-creating self.

Inspired by the guts of the earth, our autumnal pallet builds on the instantly recognizable colors of wildlife regeneration. The flaring group of red accents brings an injection of  Flame Scarlet and Biking Red from the uncontrollable Hawaiian volcano, Kīlauea, that burns and reduces to restrained washed hues of ash and dusty greys and blacks onto the natural transition that carries the verdant Sycamore and Antique Greens, together with the pure Moon Indigo and deep Navy Blues, inspired in the garden Isle of Kauai, pushing all energy into the landscape.

We sought out durable, warm and comfortable fabrics, for a seamless adaption to all climates. Fall 2016 revolves around a heavily layered with cascading hemlines look, which can be worn across all elements.

The collection hinges on an ideal of unpretentious utilitarian design and dedication to authenticity with a hint of coastal lifestyle minimalism.”

Lightning Bolt