with the French actor and surfer, Perkins LYAUTEY

Lightning Bolt prides itself on celebrating a pure connection between people, the outdoors and nature. Our symbol meant energy – the energy of Hawaiian surf, but also the energy of human physicality and artistry to make the surfboards to ride that energy deeper, faster and more radical. As the company co-founder Gerry Lopez, the man who mesmerized the world by matching Pipeline’s power and beauty with grace, explained… “It was all about the energy.” Surfers were energized by the Bolt. Well, they still are.

We had the great pleasure to have a chat with the French actor and surfer, Perkins LYAUTEY, who has a big red Bolt tattoo on his back.

Thierry Perkins-Lyautey was born on November 20, 1964 in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France and began his cinema, theatre and television career 14 years ago. He’s known for Frère du Guerrier (2002), MR 73 – The Last Mission (2008), Ma Culotte (2006) or Jamais De La Vie (2014), and many popular TV series and movies, but also for being an amazing surfer.

We believe the story behind a tattoo is often just as interesting as the tattoo itself.

So, what’s the story behind your amazing Bolt tattoo?
It actually comes from yoga. You see, in yoga you must keep your posture right in order to allow the energy circulation. This energy goes through the spine, so for me this lightning bolt represents the energy that circulates inside the spinal cord. It just makes me feel as a transmitter and a receiver of a certain energy.

Is there a nickname because of this symbol you may share with us?
Not for the moment.

And what does the Lightning Bolt brand mean to you?
It’s a sort of a mythical surf brand that manage to express a pure and free spirit through the shaping of their beautiful surfboards.

Can you define Lightning Bolt… in one single word?

How long have you been surfing? How did you start?
It all happened when my very good friend, Patrice, took me to see the world longboard championship in the great Basque Country. I immediately fell in love with surf and, of course, with the country!
By the time the competition finished the surfers would get back to their countries and leave their surfboards behind… We eventually finished in a shop that was selling these surfboards. It was then when I decided to buy my first longboard 13 years ago.

Are there any iconic images that stand out?

Surfing and acting… is there any connection? What about a surf movie… do you ever think about it?
Totally! When I’m lost, when I don’t know where I come from anymore, when I don’t know where I’m going anymore and when I’ve no idea of who am I anymore, I go to surf!
I was part of a short-film recently that got selected to the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival so yes It would be great if I could be part of a feature film any time soon.

Is surf an inspiration for your work?
It’s important to know that in acting the less you think the better it is!
So when you go to surf and you immerse your body, that it’s 60% water, into the ocean you can feel a certain kind of a beautiful harmony, and there, in the ocean, I am connected.
It’s such a unique way to free my mind and my spirit in order to make a good performance in my daily and inner work.

Favorite Spots? Whiskey Point, in Arugam Bay
Favorite Surfers? Gerry Lopez
Regular ou Goofy? Regular
Surfboards? Handmade, in Acotz
Surftrips? From Bali to Sri-Lanka to Marocco and Costa Rica
Favorite waves? At ‘Les Landes’
Biggest wipe out? Parmemantia
Any piece of advice to whom is beginning to surf? Lucky you! Learn to read … the sea!
Which surfer would you invite to have dinner with? Dave Rastovitch
Dramas or comedies? Comedies
Movie of your life: Indian runner
Favorite quote: Life is nothing but movement, by Svâmi Prajnânpad
Favorite soundtrack? Jackie Brown
Superstitions? Believe in superstitions.
Any piece of advice to whom is learning to be an actor? The hardest but the best job in the world!

Thank you!
Fun to answer these questions…